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custom pickguards uk

I do make custom or different pickguards for other models Thank you, Eric 239.462.2071"I got the pickguard today and just finished installing it. In our experience so far all lefty plates are simply flipped righties! By far the most reliable way of ensuring we can exactly match your plate is for you to take it off your guitar and scan it as a hi-res 300dpi colour or greyscale photograph. custom pickguards uk, Les Paul floating pickguard: 1 ply cream: £32: Les Paul floating pickguard: Wildcat: £35: Classic Telecaster: 3 ply white: £37: Classic Telecaster: 4 ply Pearloid White: £50: Jazz Bass: 3 ply black and cream: £42: Jazz Bass: 4 ply med Tortoiseshell: £45: Deluxe Telecaster Style: 3 ply mint green: £50: … Fender Standard Tele Pickguard, 8-Hole, 3-Ply Black/White/Black 099-1356-000 TO YOUR DESIGN. Blank sheet is also available. Materials Non-magnetic Stainles Metal and woods pickguards. Well, plates that don't fit for whatever reason are as useful as a chocolate teapot &, let's face it, we both want your new plate to be perfect. Simply because we know what we do, we’ve been printing professionals for more than 50 years, and for more than 10 years we’ve been in charge of customizing merchandising for bands and producing custom plectrums.In addition, with reviews guaranteed by an independent body like … Last Name. Acoustic Custom Gibson Dove Style Pickguard – St. Peter’s Basilica $ 29.99 $ 19.99; Acoustic Pink Abalone Sheet Stock – Custom Iridescent Pickguard Blank. American made and handcrafted to order, we manufacture aftermarket pickguards for many of the mass produced guitar models manufactured over the last 70 years including most limited edition instruments. or from our ever-expanding library of innovative designs. Available from stock or machined to customer order. Of course smaller images will still work - think of it as enlarging a photograph to hang on your wall: the bigger the original file the better the end result. . Sale! Fancy a chat? Signature required upon delivery WD® Music Products, Inc. was founded in 1978 as the world's first source for aftermarket pickguards. . NOW link the top of the page & you'll launch our online designer - there you can choose your exact guitar or bass & either upload your own image or choose from our library of designs along with selecting the relevant colours & configuration of your weapon of choice & Bob's your Mother's Brother - hey presto, you can order your plate to your design right there, pay via PayPal, debit or credit card & we'll do all the rest, including Emailing you a PDF template & visual by return to ensure all's exactly as you're expecting it to be. In order of appearance:Black, Mint Green, Cream, Parchment, Bright White Also available: Gibson style 5-ply black, custom painted paisley & other patterns, graphics, decals and airbrush. crafted with passion in the UK. We can custom make any shape or size you need on a special order basis, each non-standard shape requiring a new mold. . We keep a wide range of popular sizes and styles, and can make custom guards to order. . Sheet stock is available too, and we make non-standard designs to order. Be sure to select the “Squared Corner” style of pickup rout for covered, active or other larger pickup use. . SHOW YOUR REAL SELF – click on the magnifying glass for more ideas . Fully tracked online with signature required upon delivery Traditionally made, true celluloid tortoiseshell over mint green substrate; manufactured by Delmar. Thanksgiving 2020. Our standard model pickguards listed here can be modified for any pickup or control configuration. Pickguards. NOW designer is a straightforward no-nonsense way of generating your scratchplate exactly how you want it to be. . Fender. Simply click on the SCRATCH-IT! Pricing is competitive, starting at £25.00 & you'll be dealing with a bonafide time-served graphic designer who has a passion for music & providing the best. Towers, & are currently finding the postal system to be VERY variable in the current climate, as not only is COVID-19 causing untold heartache to our loved ones & our livelihoods, it's interrupting deliveries & deadlines everywhere, so based upon our experiences in the wonderful world of postal services here’s our tried-and-tested options: STANDARD - FREE Hillbilly Custom Pickguards UK. . Does what it says on the tin - delivery due the day after posting, STANDARD £12.99 Most Pickguards can be copied from an original (not returnable). Jack's Instrument Services make custom pickguards for your guitar. A lot of the pickguards shown on our website are made-to-order, hence the reason for many of them being listed with a 3 - 4 week delivery time. Once we've received your order & have sent your visual we're unable to offer refunds due to the nature & production methods of our bespoke plates. . Oh easy peasy! Welcome to Greasy Groove Inc.®, the leading manufacturer of Custom Pickguards and Graphical Pickguards, we offer many Styles and Materials to choose from including Pearloid, Tortoise, Glitter, Solid Color/Acrylic, Mirror/Metal Look, Transparent, Ply. Terrapin Guitars has a selection of pickguards with something for just about anyone who has a Guitar or Bass. perfect for your fender, squier or any custom strat built to your specs @ £46.9 PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT CLAIM LOSS FOR 30 DAYS, BESTEST £20.99 Sheet Goods. Handmade Custom Pickguard / Scratchplate for All Guitars and Bass guitars brand and models. Our templates have been tested on real guitars to ensure they fit and are laser-cut to ensure consistency and the finest possible edge finish, so they have straight edges rather than being bevelled as they are laser cut, but that's not a problem because the vast majority of our plates have images on so the bevel really isn't needed. Login * * Register; Dealers - click here to visit our trade store. Failing that, simply pop your original in the post to us, which naturally we'll return with your new plate. All plates are sent fully insured and tracked & require a signature upon delivery for your peace of mind, and of course we'll advise you the tracking number immediately when your plate has left the building. Most standard Martin shapes are available, as are the Gibson SJ-200, the 1950s-size J-45/J-50 and the L-00, which look great in a 'firestripe' style. May we cordially suggest that if you're looking for a direct like-for-like replacement for your original plate we highly recommend or - just tell em we sent you :-), BUT THE SHOPPING CART IS DISABLED SO YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO ORDER UNTIL WE RETURN, DROP US A LINE IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION. All body mount holes are countersunk and aluminium shielding tape is applied to the rear where required. Absolute classic, red/brown in colour and 4-Ply comprised of mint green, black, mint green, tortoiseshell (bottom to top). Butique and Unique work of arts for musicians. We have extensively tested numerous methods of producing our plates and, of course, have chosen the highest quality process available – printing onto exterior grade vinyl and heat bonding onto the rear of 2mm shatterproof acrylic, which has excellent flexibility when mounting along with great scratch-resistant properties. CUSTOM SCRATCHPLATES & PICKGUARDS. Custom Scratchplates & Pickguards. There are literally thousands of variations of templates and colours available! FROM ONLY £26.99 DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR FedEx Priority International Whatever the reason, you can get in touch with us here - either complete the boxes below with your information along with where in the world you are if you're not based in the UK; drop us an Email to or give us a call on 07446394455 - our telephone is manned by a real life English human who actually knows about our products & is passionate about providing exceptional customer service - yep, you got it - GIG.INK is a one-man band :-). Fully tracked online with signature required upon delivery We don't try to compete with suppliers of cheap Far Eastern pickguards, but can offer a variety of good-quality US-sourced designs. If you have a PDF or JPEG file that has been created digitally we will need a 250mm sizing reference drawn so that we can make sure that the size is accurate. . All our plates are produced to your exact requirements and are custom made for you - we always proof via hi-res PDF files and we expect to have your new plate winging its way to you around one week after receiving your sign-off and although we always endeavour to complete your order at pace please allow up to 14 days during busy periods, but we'll always message you to let you know of progress. Pickguardian will be closed November 26-29, 2020 for the Thanksgiving holiday. WEIRD & WONDERFUL – click on the magnifying glass for more ideas . We can make a custom pickguard for any guitar, let us know what guitar you want a replacement pickguard for and we'll send you a mock up, so you can see how great it will look! UPS Standard Europe  Select the material you would like for your guard, and use the dropdown menus … SUPPLY YOUR OWN DESIGN OR WE WILL CREATE FOR YOU. In the meantime we have sporadic access to Emails so will reply to any enquiries, although bear with us . European wide delivery guaranteed within 7 days, STANDARD £14.99 Contact Details. Guitar & Bass Parts; Amp parts & Accessories; Accessories; Clothing; Pedals & Pedal parts; Publications; Tools & Guitar Care; Menu. its looks great. . You can move your image around by clicking anywhere on it, plus scale it by dragging on the bottom righthand corner and also rotate it by dragging the top dead centre arrow icon. Rich Tone Music Ltd, 64-82 Broadfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0XL Don't forget though, the answers to most technical questions can be found higher up this page, but to make life easy please remember that: - WE DO cut & produce plates to ANY shape & configuration - just let us know what you need, - WE DO ship our plates all over the world - you can specify international shipping within the shopping cart, - WE DO print in 6-colour inks on external grade vinyl & bond onto 2mm thick clear shatterproof acrylic, - WE DON'T offer bevelled plates as our plates are laser cut so feature straight edges, - WE DON'T produce multi-ply plates - our plates are effectively single-ply & feature hi-res printed images bonded to the rear of clear acrylic, - WE DON'T offer real light-reflecting pearloid plates - although our pearl images are amazing our plates feature hi-res printed images bonded to the rear of clear acrylic, - WE DON'T offer real celluloid tort plates - although our tort images are amazing our plates feature hi-res printed images bonded to the rear of clear acrylic, - WE DON'T offer metal plates - although our metal images are amazing our plates feature hi-res printed images bonded to the rear of clear acrylic, Did we mention that our plates feature hi-res printed images bonded to the rear of clear acrylic, so we don't offer multi-ply, pearloid or bevelled plates? . Did we say? Guitar & Bass Parts; Amp parts & Accessories; Accessories; Clothing; Pedals & Pedal … ADD SOME FIRE TO YOUR GUITAR – click on the magnifying glass for more ideas . The best way to have your guard originated is to send us your original pickguard. Acoustics. Worry not - we can cut a plate to any shape & we’re more than happy to generate a template to fit your any standard guitar or bass FREE! Additionally, we also offer a full design service - again, just drop us a line or give us a call so we can get a handle on what you’re looking for. ... They’re only £29.99 including UK delivery, with payment either by Credit Card or Paypal. World wide shipping hand made work of arts. . *Rounded Corner Humbucker Cut Pickguards will not work with covered or active pickups. Ibanez. Again, absolutely no problem for us - simply select the CUSTOM configuration option in any of the plates in the SCRATCH-IT! Please ask about my loaded pickguards - pre-wired up for you to connect with solderless connections! SHOW IT ON YOUR PLATE – click on the magnifying glass for more ideas . WHO DO YOU LOVE? Custom pickguards: £40+ Lets make your perfect pickguard. The maximum image size uploadable is 12Mb with a maximum dimension of 4500px. All pickguards are of very high-quality and are handmade by WD Music in Florida, U.S.A. Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! With our dedicated custom shop department and vast array of high quality, readily available materials, we can create almost any kind of pickguard you could possibly … Hey, that's no problem! . In order to produce the best possible quality plate it’s absolutely vital you supply us with a high resolution JPEG image - some of the bigger plates are nearly 400 x 300mm and to ensure the highest quality reproduction please ensure your original image is 300dpi at actual size and saved as a RGB JPEG - which means your JPEG could be around 8Mb or more. . Pickguards; Pickguards. For those of you who have a new design or small production run pick guard idea, Terrapin Guitars is here to help. Prices: Pre-shaped pickguards are available in most of the standard outlines used by Martin, Gibson, Taylor, and Santa Cruz guitar companies along with many of their vintage forms where applicable. Full CAD service available. Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Guitar Pickguards You seem to be on a mobile device. Custom pickguard graphics. Unfortunately we can only guarantee a direct fit if an origination is made. Original Custom Scratchplates & Pickguards to YOUR Design . Please mark any adjustments you require on the guard or drawing such as pickup alterations, pot placements, reshaping etc. Simply scan it with the BACK of the plate touching the scanner glass (don't worry, we'll digitally flip it so you don't end up with a lefty if the original is a righty!) Right, how does it work? Why choose our custom guitar picks.

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